Item Of The Day: Le Pen

Even though we’re surrounded by technology, and “taking notes” can be done just by speaking into a phone, I still enjoy some old-school, paper-and-pen writing time. I always have a notepad or two in my purse, and I figure if I’m going to be practicing my penmanship, I should have fun doing it. That’s why I love Le Pens. They come in a billion different colors and have the perfect thickness (thicker than a ballpoint pen, but not too marker-heavy). I’m currently loving the Orchid color. Because purple ink makes me feel inspired.


  • Ninon Deveix

    Hi! I think your website is awesome!
    However, I don’t know if you are aware of it, but in France, “Le Pen” is the name of a far right-wing politician, with extreme ideas and opinions. The man is racist, very conservative, and homophobe. I don’t know if it matters but I thought you should know, and I hope you will understand how confused I was when I saw it.
    Anyway, you all keep doing what you’re doing because it’s great!

  • Ninon Deveix

    Hi again! Please ignore my previous comment. I just realised it’s the company that make those pens that I should blame, not you. And anyway, the politician Le Pen means nothing to you Americans. I’m sorry.

  • Jennifer Winters

    May I also suggest another contender for Best.Pen.Ever. – the Pilot Razor Point. (I prefer mine in black but I’m a traditionalist.)

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