Item Of The Day: Le Parcel

Aunt Flo. That time of the month. Surfing the crimson wave. Whatever your preferred euphemism, I think we can all agree that Mother Nature’s monthly gift is no one’s favorite part of womanhood. The worst is when that gift arrives and you find yourself unequipped with the right products to deal with it. Fortunately, there’s a new company, Le Parcel, who can eliminate that problem. For $15 a month, a discreetly wrapped box will arrive at your door containing 30 of the feminine hygiene products of your choice, chocolate and an actual gift. I’m pretty sure this awesome service is actually going to save me money, as running to Target for tampons also means leaving with at least $50 of random stuff I probably didn’t need.

  • Heather Day

    Yes! I’m completely in love with this idea. I always fall into the Target trap, as well… as if going to any sort of store when you are your most miserable is a pleasing idea in the first place, I always try to make the trip ‘worth it.’ THIS makes the trip to the mail box ‘worth it.’

  • Alice Pleasance Liddell

    Yah, that’s pretty nice….but could we please stop complaining about our female cycle and just accept this wonderful and powerful days of the month? It’s not the first article I read here that attaches shame to the female period. The worse your attitude towards this part of womanhood is, the worse you’ll fee during these days…promise.

    • Rhiannon Evans

      Really? Nothing in this article spoke of shame about periods, merely that it’s annoying when you get caught out. If the article talks about periods in a slightly negative way it’s because that’s how most women relate to them.

  • Kelly Bromfield

    This may be the single best thing I’ve heard in a while! It might actually make me excited to know Flo is coming to town!

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