Item of the Day: Kasher In The Rye

I just finished this book in less than 8 hours. This might be revealing too much about my lack of an active social calendar, but it’s really a testament to how good the book is.

Moshe Kasher’s memoir about his troubled youth made me feel many things. I wanted to yell at him, hug him, marry him and now just want to read his book again.

Basically, I’m saying to go get this book. I don’t think I need to make it any clearer and I do think we should talk about that, too.

P.S I don’t know Moshe, but his words made me cry and to me that’s a sign of a good human.

  • Michael Lee Elmendorf

    Just the title, makes me wanna read it ha.

  • Lori DeFrain

    I’ve got a 15 year old son who’s going through some troubled times right now. In March, we had a family argument and my son brought out a knife, accidentally stabbed me in my arm and cut my boyfriend’s hand. My son spent 20 days in a youth detention center and has to serve 4 more weekends there. It’s a big struggle for him, and as the days pass and he opens up more with me and the counselor, I can see it’ll be a long, hard road, but in the end, he’s worth every step on that road. I haven’t read the book, but just seeing it’s about a troubled teen, I can relate. I never thought we’d ever face these sorts of problems in his life, because I’ve always seen him as my buddy, but when we get through this, I think we’re all going to come out better for it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll get a tattoo to cover up the scar.

  • Sophia Rossi

    Thank you for sharing your story. You are an amazing mother, and we would love to hear your story. email (attention Sophia)

  • Lauren Kor

    Haha, i just had to read that book for school. I guess it has “catched” up to me.

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