Item of the Day: Junk Food NFL Apparel

It’s football season and many of you might want to show your support for/pretend like you know what’s going on with your favorite NFL team by sporting some cute NFL apparel. The problem is that jerseys are gross expensive. When you’re a girl, you have the added issue of jerseys being baggy and not at all figure-flattering. And don’t even get me started on pink jerseys, which are a great way to say, “My significant other is really into football, but I’m too lazy to even figure out the correct team colors in order to pretend to be a fan.”

My advice? Try Junk Food’s NFL Collection for both men and women. They’re adorable, vintage-inspired and officially licensed by the NFL. They are also reasonably priced (read: way cheaper than a jersey) and machine washable for easy maintenance when you (read: I) inevitably spill beer or drop a morsel of buffalo wing. And if you’re really talented, you can match your new outfit to your nail art. You’ll look super cute with your Guinness and pizza, yelling at the TV for Jay Cutler to get it together and stop getting sacked.

Pick up your new gear at Junk Food’s website or at the official NFL Shop. Your Fantasy Football League will be impressed.

Image from NFL Shop

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