Item of the Day: Juil Ballet Flats

Why does anyone wear heels? I see it happening all around me and I don’t understand it. I’m jealous, frankly. I step into a pair of heels and I’m a wobbly, miserable nightmare. Is there a pair of heels in existence that are actually comfortable? I’ve tried on countless pairs, of all different shapes and price ranges, and all have felt like a self-administered test in pain tolerance.

Not ballet flats though. I live in ballet flats during the colder months. They’re so comfortable and still such a classic finishing touch to an outfit. And Juil has a new selection of ballet flats that are as comfortable as they are cute. The new styles are the Classic Flat, the Cap Toe, and the Wing Tip, and they come in a variety of colors. Juil is also my new go-to shoe brand. Every pair of Juil shoes features copper dots at the toes and the heel. These dots act as a conduit and allow you to stay balanced and brings you closer to the Earth. Think about when you’re doing yoga and the calming feeling you experience when you’re in mountain pose. The copper dots give you that feeling with every step you take.


Order yours here.

  • Gretta Burnette

    I’m totally with you on the heels thing. They look great just can’t tolerate the pain. These shoes look so cute and comfy.

  • Mello Dee

    After spending an entire summer wearing elasticized flats for the sake of preventing heel slippage at work (which was what I thought the purpose of having them were), I don’t know if I can vouch for that feature anymore.

  • Lavina Bonar

    Instead of squashing your feet into shoes that are too small, buy the next size up and pop in a Sizer. Sizers are a revolutionary new product for loose shoes and especially useful for those of us who are between shoe sizes. Avoid heel slippage!
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