Item of the Day: Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

I have found my new daytime beauty cream!

Last week, the gorgeous girls at Juice Beauty sent me a wonderful gift that has changed my life –– their new Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream.

I have to show you the difference in my skin before applying this color correcting, shimmering, uber moisturizing but never greasy cream of awesomeness.

This is what Juice Beauty’s CC Cream will do for your face!

The mineral color tinting was spot on. This cream blended into my skin perfectly and I wore it all day without that heavy feeling other rich creams tend to create with their nasty oils and chemicals. Especially other SPF beauty creams! I can always count on Juice Beauty to give me what I need, safely and organically, which is what makes them my only beauty regiment of choice.

Oh, and the shimmer!

My face looks instantly refreshed and alive. I literally shined bright like a diamond! Learn more about the story behind this CC Cream and enter the photo contest giveaway while you’re at it! 

Who doesn’t love a giveaway?

And speaking of giveaways, Juice Beauty has given me a special promotional code to share with you!

[PROMOTION] Use promo code KARRINECC and receive SIX free samples with your $40 purchase! And, luckily, this CC Cream is just $39.00!

Don’t know what else to get?

  • Jenn Kriscunas

    LOVE the CC cream. I recently tried a sample and now that my BB cream just ran out, I’m in the market to purchase.

    However, as an advertising/marketing girl, I have to comment on your promotion. I think it’s a little unfair to dangle the “six free samples with a $40 purchase” in front of your readers when the product is $39, forcing you to buy another product from Juice Beauty (many of which are not cheap, especially for your target demo). So instead of purchasing through this promotion, I’m going to head back to Birchbox, where I can get free shipping and rewards points. Juice Beauty is still getting my money, but they could have seen a bigger long-term payoff had I tried the samples and came back to purchase the full size. I also would have preferred to support Hello Giggles, as I’m assuming there is some kind of relationship there. Not trying to be a miser at all – just providing a little feedback.

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