Item of the Day – Jon Hamm Coloring Book

It is exactly what it sounds like – a coloring book dedicated to the one, the only, actor Jon Hamm. And I am absolutely infatuated with it.

While we all quietly count down the days until Don Draper and the rest of the advertising gang on Madison Avenue return back to us with a new season of Mad Men, the next best thing to do while waiting is color in this coloring book. Hand drawn and bound in Canada, the Jon Hamm coloring book offers up 14 pages of Mr. Hamm in both his on screen persona and off screen beer swigging hotness. An iconic (well, to me anyway) shot of Jon Hamm munching on a burger in Esquire is now immortalized within the coloring book’s pages with the pun underneath of “Hamm Burger” accompanying the illustration. In fact, puns accompany every illustration in the book.

Yes. Just… yes all around.

Grab it now on the Etsy shop while supplies last!

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