Item of the Day: Job Hunters

You ladies like the Hunger Games right?

And I’m guessing you’re all pretty aware of this “fantastic” economic/jobs situation we’re in right now?

Clearly you need to combine these two pieces of information and start watching the great web series, Job Hunters.

Job Hunters is an original web series set in the near future, where college graduates must fight (potentially to the death) to be placed by the MAEWIN corporation into careers. Recruits fight in an arena from 9-5 and live together in a MAEWIN-provided safe house. The series follows a particular set of Job Hunters as they deal with adjusting to life in the safe houses, dealing with roommate issues, as well as sorting through feelings of their own impending doom.

This web series brings the funny, and if you’re not already watching it, you should be. Check it out.

*FYI, this is like the Hunger Games so yes, there is some violence and blood.

Image via Job Hunters production used with permission.