Item of the Day: Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Bow Ties

Oh hi.

If a stranger on the street came up to me and asked me to rapid-fire off a list of my very favorite things, I would probably say something like:

Suspenders, mascara, red lipstick, Josh Groban’s “When You Believe,” my friend Dave, the video for “Superbass,” social justice, Leonardo DiCaprio’s bangs, well-written poetry, anything written by John Steinbeck, GW Magazine, bow ties, iPads, Erin Mallory Long, sitcoms and people with red hair.

So, imagine my delight when I was reading GQ’s twitter page, as I do all day everyday and they tweeted something about Jesse Tyler Ferguson designing a line of bow ties for the Tie Bar. Now if you do not know what Tie Bar is, let me tell you it is the greatest website for ties ever, especially because they have a link to pictures of celebrities wearing their stuff and if you click this, you can thank me later because you will be overwhelmed with adoration for the hotties wearing ties.

Is there anything better than hotties wearing ties? Well, yes! There is!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, one of the adorable stars of Modern Family of course, designed these bow ties and the proceeds go toward marriage equality. Did you hear that?! Three of my favorite things in one little adorable pattern. Lucky for me, it was my friend Dave‘s (four of my favorite things!) birthday, so I bought him one and made him model for me.

Don’t you want one now? Think of all of the wonderful people in your life that would look really sharp in a bow tie this holiday season and spend your money on a great cause. I’m glad I did!

(And if you don’t know how to tie a bow tie, Jesse will show you.)

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