Item of the Day: Jelly Babies

I’ve been off sugar for over two weeks now. Not a lick of it – no candy, no cake, no breads or ketchup (I LOVE KETCHUP, OKAY?)… except for Jelly Babies. After a really, really awful 36 hour ordeal earlier this week, it was the only thing I could reach for for some semblance of sanity. Did it work? Not really. Was it delicious? Damn right!

Jelly Babies are from Sweets Heaven, aka the United Kingdom, and they’re sort of hard to describe. Less rubbery than gummy bears but not as chewy as jelly beans and with a starchy coating, they’re basically one of the best candies ever put on the earth. Plus, they’re not just babies – they’re babies with names! The reds are Brilliants, pinks are Baby Bonnys, greens are Boofuls, purples are Big Hearts, oranges are bumpers and yellows are Bubbles. Cute!

If you can get hold of some at your local shop, you… well, you probably have. If you can’t get them but would like to, there’s always the English Tea Store. I promise, sugar connoisseurs – you won’t be sorry. Alas, it’s back to my veggies and proteins… until I lay eyes on Jelly Babies again, that is.