Item of the Day: Jelly Babies

I’ve been off sugar for over two weeks now. Not a lick of it – no candy, no cake, no breads or ketchup (I LOVE KETCHUP, OKAY?)… except for Jelly Babies. After a really, really awful 36 hour ordeal earlier this week, it was the only thing I could reach for for some semblance of sanity. Did it work? Not really. Was it delicious? Damn right!

Jelly Babies are from Sweets Heaven, aka the United Kingdom, and they’re sort of hard to describe. Less rubbery than gummy bears but not as chewy as jelly beans and with a starchy coating, they’re basically one of the best candies ever put on the earth. Plus, they’re not just babies – they’re babies with names! The reds are Brilliants, pinks are Baby Bonnys, greens are Boofuls, purples are Big Hearts, oranges are bumpers and yellows are Bubbles. Cute!

If you can get hold of some at your local shop, you… well, you probably have. If you can’t get them but would like to, there’s always the English Tea Store. I promise, sugar connoisseurs – you won’t be sorry. Alas, it’s back to my veggies and proteins… until I lay eyes on Jelly Babies again, that is.

  • Shona Johnson

    Sometimes you can buy a spin off sweet here (UK) called ‘Jellyatrics’! And yes, they’re in the shape of old people instead of babies. They get more delicious with age! :)

  • Angie Bailey

    I stock up on candy every time I visit a grocery store and while I often grab my favorites, I saw Hi-Chew’s while standing near the register and grabbed a pack. I guess they’re from Japan (or, more likely, are a Japanese knock off candy) and I can’t describe them in good enough words… Their taste isn’t great, haha, but that’s one reason why I love them. They’re like a mix of gum and a chewy jolly rancher… with an artificial fruity taste… But they’re addicting! Man, I want some now…

  • Meghan Eileen Marie

    oh jeez i love jelly babies. my mom brings me back some every time she goes to the UK, usually in a sweet collectors tin. best. candy. ever.

  • Sandra Rodriguez

    These sound good. I usually stock up on candy when I visit the UK. I need to add these to my list!

  • Judi Barber

    Jelly Babies are SOOO GOOOD!!! But you didn’t mention Dr. Who. They are some of the Doctor’s absolute favorite sweets… He usally carries some around in his pocket in a white paper bag… I’m not sure about 11, but 10 defintely was shown with some.

  • Sandy Mora

    Relevant article about the Beatle’s fear of Jelly Babies:

    also, search “screaming jelly babies” on YouTube!

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