Item of the Day: Insulated Klean Kanteen

It’s a pretty well known fact on the internet that coffee is my boyfriend.

I hang out with him every day. He treats me right. We get along.

Come winter time, we used to get into fights all the time. He would get cold and distant daily when all I wanted was a little warmth for my morning commute. I would have to refill him more than once.  I’d get jittery and resentful because he stressed me out.

But last year, I got one of these bad boys and let me tell you, coffee and I are back in a good place. We never have the relationship ups and downs that we used to and he stays warm and comforting all day.

But enough with the slightly creepy analogies.

The Insulated Klean Kanteen is incredible. I put hot coffee in it at 8:30 am, and said coffee still burns my mouth at 11 am.

You need one. Or the coffee lover in your life needs one.

Image via Klean Kanteen

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