Item of the Day: Inner-Eco Probiotic Kefir

I’ve had to learn a lot about healthy living in the past few years. It’s all for the best and lately it’s become apparent that many of my friends have deemed me the resource for health related questions. Now, while I have educated myself a lot, I certainly don’t know everything, or even close to it but what I do know are the things that work for me. One of them is Inner-Eco Probiotic Kefir. It ticks off all of the major boxes in the way of a restricted diet. It’s dairy, sugar, gluten and soy free, while being certified vegan.

Before you knock all the dietary restrictions that so many others have, here’s the simple truth: A large percentage of our health is based on the health of our gut. What goes on in your intestines plays a very big role in what goes on in your entire body. Inner-Eco is a probiotic kefir. What’s that? Well, you’ve all seen the Jamie Lee Curtis commercials and, while there’s nothing wrong with yogurt and it’s selling points (right, you get to poo more and there are some probiotic benefits), kefir is of a much higher probiotic content.

Our gut has good bacteria within it. It also has bad bacteria. Many times our current lifestyles can tip the scales in favor of the bad, resulting in health problems. Antibiotics further take away the good bacteria because they take away ALL bacteria hence the ‘anti-biotics’. It’s incredibly important that we maintain and encourage that ever so important good bacteria, see ‘pro-biotics’. It’s vital we replenish this bacteria and give it a place to flourish to aid in our overall body ecology. Inner-Eco has live cultures, making it a living food, that will promote a healthy inner eco-system.

Give it a try. There are three flavors so you can absolutely find one you love. It’s sold at plenty of health food stores, including Whole Foods. Who doesn’t want to be healthier and, thus, happier?

Photo courtesy of Inner-Eco