Item of the Day: Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Your Cat

My cat’s name is Princess Bunny Buttons and her spirit animal is a magical mythical being birthed from rainbows, so when I saw this inflatable unicorn horn that would turn her into a unicat for realsies, I knew she would hate me, but I also knew that she would get me the most candy while trick-or-treating. Way to make her a Honey Boo Boo, right? For only 5 dollars from Archie McPhee, get 5.5 inches of inflatable horn that straps onto your cat’s head with a durable four-point elastic strap. Yes, your cat may hate you, but she’ll also be the most popular of all the cats in the land.

  • Lindsay Flinn

    I know just the cat that requires this hat!

  • Carmen Priotto

    haha! i’ve got to get this for my cats! i love the look on that cat’s face. I made a flower hat for my kitties, and they, uhhh… they REALLY didn’t like it :3

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