Item of the Day: Hukkster

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I’m a shopaholic. More specifically, an online shopaholic. I frequently wake up to confirmation emails from shopping websites for items I barely remember ordering. Luckily, my taste runs toward the kitschy as opposed to the lavish, so nobody needs to lock me up in credit card jail quite yet. However, sales are definitely my best friend. So of course I was beyond psyched to hear about this new website, Hukkster. It’s super easy to use. Sign up, drag the Hukkster button to your bookmark toolbar, and anytime you see something you like online, you click it. All your items get saved on the Hukkster site and ANYTIME ANY ONE OF THEM GOES ON SALE, you get an email alerting you. Immediately. I’ve been using it for just a week and it’s already changed my life.

Check out Hukkster here.

Happy shopping!

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