Item of the Day: HeyTell

With over 4 Million users, HeyTell is one of my favorite apps! Remember when you were a kid and you could use walkie talkies to tell secrets to your next door neighbor? Well, with technology advancing so quickly, those days are long gone. To bring back the quick and to the point connections, there is HeyTell. It is a free app that is used like a push to talk walkie talkie. All you have to do is push (and hold) the orange button to connect with one of your besties, or your boss, speak into the phone and release. The message is sent within seconds. You will receive a notification when you have a message waiting. This app is great for driving, no texting needed. I am not encouraging you to HeyTell while driving, but if you must be in contact with someone, it is a great alternative. There are other options out there for walkie talkie like apps, but HeyTell takes the cake for me.

Why not just text you ask? Well, you can, but with HeyTell you can hear the tone of your friends’ voice, which is nonexistent in texting. You will now be able to actually hear a LOL, versus just reading it.

Have friends all over the globe, guess what? You can HeyTell with them for free!

If you have an App that you love, let me know about it, I will (probably) download it and play with it and let you know what I think. I am not sponsored by any company, this is all purely my (not so) humble opinion.

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