ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Heart-Shaped SunglassesErin Mallory Long

My good friend Christina has yellow heart-shaped sunglasses that I have coveted for a while. Then I realized, “Oh duh, EVERYONE has heart-shaped sunglasses” and I knew this was something I was missing out on.

Today that changed and I BOUGHT red heart-shaped sunglasses.

The best thing about heart-shaped sunglasses is they are super cute. They’re hearts on your eyes, you guys! Classic cute effect. (References to Lolita aside, I suppose). I mean, everyone owns at least 5 pairs of fun sunglasses, right? (probably about 15 if you live somewhere warm) and definitely one of them should be heart-shaped by my calculations.

These ones are from Fred Flare for $12.

Maybe I need to find some purple ones now…


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  1. I have rainbow ones. :)

  2. I’m so obsessed with mine that I had my prescription put in them.

  3. I love them and I carry them with me every time I visit a friend so I can put them on when they do something cute. :D

  4. SO GOOD!

  5. I have those!

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