Item of the Day: Harts and Stars Etsy Shop

Like so many of you, I’m really, really, really into pop culture. Unhealthily so. I watch a ton of TV, I read all the tabloids, and I challenge you to show me a picture of a celebrity baby I can’t name. All of which means that this Etsy shop I discovered called “Harts and Stars” is pretty much my dream come true, selling jewelry and baubles adorned with all forms of celebrity faces. From the Clarissa Explains It All ring pictured above to a (cough, shameless Girls plug) Lena Dunham brooch to a Justin Bieber blinged-out iPhone case, I can basically cover my body with my favorite celebs. Not to mention the ridiculously cute Lisa Frank ring or the macaroni and cheese necklace. Yes, you read that right.

See for yourself at Harts and Stars.