ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Halloween Themed LollipopsDeanna Brooks

Once again, my late-night shopping habit has struck gold. Working from a tip sent to me by my adorable sister, I landed at this Etsy site of Vintage Confections that has the most amazing lollipops, perfect for the Halloween season.

1. Black and orange bats
2. Bloody bones

3. Eyeballs

4. Insects

5. Skulls

And more!

They also provide an assortment of other sugar delights such as *BIG BREATH IN* party-themed confections, lipstick kisses, mini mustachesfish bowl, fancy letters, monograms, bowling party, shirt buttons, rainbow dice, the entire solar system … and so much more. All these in amazing flavors like cotton candy, Horchata, marshmallow, pralines and cream, pumpkin and vanilla butternut.

It’s my Halloween and I’ll die if I want to, but at least it will be a bloody sweet death.


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