ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Glyphits, "A Set of Magnetic Pictures With Linguistic Potential"Alessandra Rizzotti

Glyphits by Celia Hoffman

Celia Hoffman loves to play with words. When she designed the magnetic game known as GLYPHiTS, her intention was to help others expand their imaginations by finding the linguistic potential in pictures. However, Celia could only get GLYPHiTS out to the public with the help of Kickstarter, and thankfully, she raised $20,000 over her set goal. Clearly, people want to see GLYPHiTS in novelty stores like all the versions of magnetic poetry that are out there. What makes Celia’s magnetic game stand apart from the rest is that she hand drew each image on each original magnet. If you want a set of GLYPHiTS, buy them on Celia’s site. It’s a gift that keeps on giving (especially to your brain) and it’s appropriate for both kids and adults. You can see how the game works in this VIDEO. Letters+Visuals+Magnets= FUN FOREVER!


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