ITEM OF THE DAYItem Of The Day: Full Moon EarringsSamantha Kirschberg

“You want the moon? I’ll give you the moon.” Like two moons… for your ears, I mean.

Full moons are my favorite. I love them. I’m terrified of space. I mean, there’s SO much out there. I haven’t seen Gravity; the commercials alone make me feel like I can’t breathe. (I’ll still see it because I love Sandra.) But the stars, the Milky Way, full moons- seeing everything in the night sky, I seriously love it all.

I saw this tumblr post and fell in love with the jewelry. And now that I have the full moon earrings, I’m even more in love. If I see you in person, I’ll most likely stop mid-convo to say, “Wait! Did I show you my earrings? How cool are they?”

The earrings are from this Etsy store called BeautySpot. They have a whole collection of space themed jewelry, like the solar system necklace below.


Pretty sweet collection- I kind of want it all! You can find the full moon earrings here!


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  1. So cute, must have!