Item Of The Day: French Connection Jag Stripe Dress

I feel like I’m giving away a trade secret by writing this post, but I also feel like my good fortune should be shared with the world. This good fortune is the French Connection Jag Stripe Dress. Do you remember the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle teaches the ‘bend and snap’ and the guy is like “Works every time!” This dress, at least for me, is the bend and snap of outfits. Do you want a guy to be smitten with you?  Wear this dress. Do you want to win your ex-boyfriend back? Wear this dress. Do you want to make any guy who has ever rejected you completely regret that decision? Wear this dress.

I want to make grandiose promises that this dress is amazing and universally flattering on everyone, but I also don’t want to lie to you. I can say that it does nice things for my rather curveless figure, and I’ve seen it worn on other body types and it also looks good. Plus, if you hunt around eBay a bit, it comes in pretty much all the colors you could ever want. As a bonus, it comes in long sleeved versions, which is great if you’re like me and refuse to accept that winter means the end of dress weather.

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