Item of the Day: Food Should Taste Good chips

Sweet potatoes and tortilla chips are two of the best foods ever. I haven’t done any studies to prove this, but I’m pretty sure it’s scientific fact. If these two foods are the greatest foods ever, then it stands to reason that any food combining the two would be some sort of heavenly, unbelievably delicious perfect snack.

That’s exactly how I feel about Food Should Taste Good’s Sweet Potato Chips. Crunchy, salty, sweet and with just a slight earthy sweet potato flavor, they’re unlike any chip I’ve had before. The Food Should Taste Good website recommends eating Sweet Potato Chips with apple butter, fruit salsa, or in a sweet potato casserole (find their recipe here), but I’ve been known to enjoy them with some salsa verde or just straight out of the bag.

What’s even better is that all Food Should Taste Good chips are made using non-genetically modified ingredients, are gluten-free and some varieties are even vegan.

Food Should Taste Good also offers chips in flavors like Olive, Chocolate, White Cheddar and Toasted Sesame, all of which I’d like to try. Unfortunately, whenever I go to the store, I’m unable to buy anything but Sweet Potato. Maybe someday I’ll branch out…dream big, right?

Find a store near you that carries them on the Food Should Taste Good website, or you can buy them online.

Image via Food Should Taste Good