Item of the Day: Flavorlopes

My entire mouth tastes like a bowl of cherries right now and all I did was lick an envelope. That’s right, an envelope. Am I living in a real life version of Violet Beauregarde’s Three-Course-Meal bubble gum, minus the gum but adding the fruit and stationery products?

Fo’ sho is the answer here with the delightfully delicious Flavorlopes, a set of flavored envelopes that look just as good as they taste. I’m still a big believer in snail mail and the old school handwritten thank you card. Licking the envelope shut used to fill me with momentary dread – if a sticker was offered to seal it I’d pick the sticker instead. Sometimes I’d even tape it shut to avoid the nasty taste of general nothingness on my tongue for a moment. Flavorlopes brings in a taste that you won’t want to avoid. If I had to compare it to anything, they taste a lot like Fruit Stripe gum. I can definitely get used to this!

Though the flavors of strawberries, oranges, grapes, cherries and apples have nothing on the holiday sets from Flavorlopes. Gingerbread? Candy corn? CARAMEL APPLE?? These are envelope flavors people, time to drop the e-card for the holidays and get back on the paper trail train again if but to lick these bad boys.

And I bet you if they made a blueberry flavored one, you wouldn’t turn into a blueberry either.

For more information on how to get a stack of Flavorlopes for your own, visit their website!

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