Item of the Day: Essie "Set in Stones" Nail Polish

Most of the time I think I’m missing the nail polish gene. I’ve been a chronic nail biter for years and in high school worked at a bakery cafe that had a strict policy against mixing just polished fingernails around food. Coaxing me back into the game has been a slow process, especially when it comes to finding nail colors that won’t make my nails look any more smaller or stubby than they already do. And also while matching my office workplace outfits – that part is critical.

I have the secret formula to polished success though. Ready? Pick a pale shimmery shade of either gold or pale pink and place a light layer of the essie “Set in Stones” luxeffects top coat on top. Presto! A flawless and sun catching pretty combo that will have everyone asking about your digits. The nice thing about this polish is that as a top coat it works on pretty much any color you like no matter how bold or subdued. Even better is that it takes your nails from day into night instantly.

Oh hello nail polish gene, you do exist in me!

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