Item of the Day: "Dreams of a Life"

I’m not a big fan of documentaries, which is what I thought Dreams of a Life was going to be. So, when it screened last year at a local independent cinema, I only went along because my boyfriend wanted to go. I am so glad I saw this film.

Dreams of a Life was the best film I saw last year, and it’s now out on DVD. The film tells the tale of Joyce Vincent, a young woman who sadly died in her London bedsit in 2003 – a true story told through the voices of those who knew her. Interviews with her friends and workmates are interspersed with re-enactment of her life, as well as real photos and even some film footage.

It’s a tragic tale, as her body wasn’t discovered for several years and she wasn’t reported missing – which makes the film a mixture of a mystery, a celebration of a life and an examination of our society. Whilst at first it’s easy to make judgements about ‘the kind of person’ who no-one will miss when they go off the radar – or the kind of friends/family who don’t even notice – you find yourself getting to know Joyce and her community.

You can buy the film through and on pre-order from, and find more infomation on the Dreams of a Life website.


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