Item Of The Day: DITTO – Virtual Online Shopping Experience for Eyewear

I’m not one who usually shops online. I like to try things on and make sure they look good on me, before I purchase. The problem with that is a limited selection…there are a million options online and only a select few in store. This is the issue that has found a perfect solution for, when shopping for eyewear.

DITTO takes easy-to-capture webcam footage of your face to create your DITTO, your virtual you, that you then use to try on glasses and shades virtually! WTF?! Genius! Once I discovered DITTO, I freaked out so hard that I decided to make a video documenting my experience. Check it out and let me know how you feel about DITTO in the comments below.

Hmm, what else can we try on virtually?!

  • Robyn Michelle

    I really wanted to love this! Unfortunately after 50 failed attempts of “moving my head slowly to the left, back to center, moving it slowly to the right back to center” as SLOW as I could, the program kept telling me “You, need to move even slower this time”. Totally lost patience and was unable to virtually try any glasses on. Boo!

    • Ditto HQ

      Hi Robyn! We are so sorry that the TryOn feature was giving you troubles. If you were using the Google Chrome browser, there is something you can download to fix the problem. Next time, try our live chat feature, and we would be more than happy to help you. We hope you come back and give it another try! :)

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