Item of the Day: Debut Album From Dresses

I love discovering new music. This discovery was sent along by a friend of mine. “I think you’ll like it,” he said. And great scott, he was right!

Dresses sounds like Tegan and Sara high fived She & Him with a fistbump from Lykke Li and did the soundtrack for your favorite indie summer film, but not one of those obnoxious ones where everyone in it looks sad and annoying, but one of those good ones, where after you leave the theater you think, “Man, I feel happier than when I came in.” That’s Dresses. Their debut album is “Sun Shy.”

The band is made up of Timothy Heller (the chick) and Jared Ryan Maldonado (the dude). Their first album, “Sun Shy”, is now available for digital download (dropped on September 3) and you can get a physical copy, like in the olden days way back in the 1990’s, on October 22. They’re signed by the perpetually cool SideOneDummy Records. Check out their latest music video:

Fun times.


  • Ashley Wheeler

    I love Dresses! I have their album and still plan on buying the actual album when it’s released in Oct.! I’ll even be at their Seattle show this Thursday and possibly driving to Oregon (their home state) next month on my birthday to catch another one of their performances! XD

  • Allegra Hudson

    Perfect description of the awesomeness that is currently filling my ears with happiness aka Dresses. Tanks!

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