Item of the Day: Cynical Tea Bags

Everybody enjoys a good cup of tea that refreshes their senses or gets them ready for “sleepytime” as a nightcap, but what about tea that gets the job done? A tea you could sip on that would make you suddenly get along with your co-workers the next cubicle over or become a better parent? And beyond just that, what if this tea took it to the next level? Dare I say, you might be able to live forever with a 16 count box in your kitchen cabinet?

I found out about Cynical Tea Bags via NPR Fresh Air and while it hasn’t been proven that you will indeed “Live Forever” from that specific tea, it still sounded delicious enough to me. Live Forever is a mix of green tea with jasmine and its four other counterparts, Erase Your Past, Instant Karma, Get Along With Your Co-Workers, and Be a Better Parent. I’m not even a parent and I still want to dip into that particular tea bag box – a mixture of chamomile with citrus and mint.

Start ordering today at less than $10 a box to get on the path to a more Zen, while still slightly cynical, path to clarity and calm.

I’ll be here, waiting for the box of “Patience for Dealing with Student Loans” tea to show up.

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