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A little bit ago, I got my teeth cleaned and I was lectured on how I am going to have gum problems when I am older if I don’t floss. Now, I hate to floss – it bugs me and it makes my gums bleed. When I found this cupcake floss, I freaked out. Cupcakes. MY FAVORITE food! I actually want to floss now!

For those of you who don’t like cupcakes, there is a breakfast set that comes with Bacon, Coffee and Waffle flavor.

Grab your cupcake floss at Fred Flare! Oh, and here’s the Breakfast flavor!






  • Chelsea Barnwell

    If you flossed regularly your gums wouldn’t bleed. Oh, and the floss is cute.

  • Audra Fitzwater

    if you use this mouthwash and floss regularly your gums will be much healthier :)

  • Nicole Stuart

    Well, I’ve officially now become a habitual flosser…don’t laugh at me when you see strings of this hanging from my mouth at all times. What’ll they think of next??

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