Item Of The Day: Crayon Rings

Ah, midnight shopping–made up of wine, Internet access, and readily accessible credit cards. No, we won’t go into detail of my serious need for a computer lockdown when imbibing. Instead, I’d like to share the fruits of my labor and discuss a small obsession of mine that I suspect we both share: RINGS.

I heart them. Especially the colorful kind. I find rings are (like most jewelry) great conversation pieces. Because I wear them like a boss, my rings have more than once been the catalyst for making new friends and fans alike. And because just maybe you share my same love of rings, you might understand the simultaneous excitement that accompanied the pang of guilt when seeing the email receipt to my late-night purchase of these Crayon Rings from’s Charm School and Prep School crayon rings.

Eight beautiful colors all lined up in a row. I imagine it was just too much for me to resist. The rings remind me of a similar design in the theme of “color” that came out of a design show sponsored by the American Design Club, running back in 2009. (Those rings were by Designer Timothy Liles. Love.) Instead of the $50 I might have coughed up for those, these were for the bargain price of $6 for each set (plus S&H.)

Call it nostalgia: for the Timothy Liles design, for childhood crayon art, or for the colorful world of childhood. Color me happy over this purchase.