Item of the Day: Copco Strawberry Tea Kettle

There are so many cute teapots out there in the world. But the issue I have with teapots is that you have to boil the water separately before transferring it to the pot. This may seem like such a simple step for normal folk, but I am super clumsy. Disaster might ensue. Plus, when you live in a tiny city apartment, it behooves you not to own too much stuff.

That’s why I love my Copco Strawberry Tea Kettle. It’s got all the kitch of a cute teapot, but the usefulness of a tea kettle. I can boil my water, pour it directly in favorite mug and continue fulfilling my dream of having an adorably decorated kitchen. Also, when I Instagram photos of my dinner and the strawberry tea kettle is in the shot, I look extra fun and quirky.

The Copco Strawberry Tea Kettle is available at Target, where most wonderful things are sold. (I love Target.)

Image from Target

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