Item of the Day: Colony Collapse Jewelry

Despite my effervescent disposition, I am fascinated with really morbid things. I like my steak bloody. I used to have a mummified frog on a keychain. My favorite fairy tale as a child was “The Goose Girl” which involved a talking horse head, a magic bloody handkerchief and pervy coworkers that want to steal strands of your hair. I’m basically Wednesday Addams in a sundress.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered artist and designer Jenny Topolski’s Colony Collapse collection featuring jewelry made from dead bees preserved in resin. That’s right. You can wear actual dead bees! Animal lovers need not fret – the bees died of natural causes and were given to her by a beekeeper.

I could go on about the tragedy of Colony Collapse Disorder, which is when bees mysteriously disappear from a hive, like Roanoke on an entomological scale. I could even wax philosophical about how awesome it is to wear something eternally and beautifully preserved in death. But I’ll spare you the creepiness and just say they look really cool.

The collection is comprised of a variety of gold and silver rings and necklaces. There’s also a preserved honeycomb necklace for those of you who aren’t feeling the whole “preserved bee” thing. The items, which run from $25-36, are available at her Etsy shop.

She also sells a number of fun accessories, art pieces and home goods that don’t involve things that ever had a heartbeat. But honestly, where’s the fun in that?

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