Item of the Day: Collins Bridge Glasses

I always pride myself on how I never lose anything, except for when I lose something and then all I can think or talk about is how I never lose anything. But guys: I totally lose things.

For examps, I recently lost a pair of very expensive designer glasses while traveling. I understand that the previous sentence may immediately make a lot of you dislike me, but I assure you that the glasses were a rare and special purchase and I was returning from a very unglamorous trip to Massachusetts to celebrate my mother’s birthday (sorry, Mom).

It’s great to have a nice pair of glasses or two, especially if you wear glasses all of the time like me, but when you only own glasses that you absolutely cannot afford to lose, you’re kind of restricted from doing anything that’s not within your own apartment. ‘Cause you never know what’ll happen if you go to the movies. You could lose your glasses.

I decided that I’d replace my fancy glasses eventually, but my priority is a couple pairs I think are great but wouldn’t spend three days shame-spiraling if I lost them.

There are a lot of glasses websites now that sell sturdy frames at an awesome price, but I found the most that fit my style and face shape at Collins Bridge. They’re like $100, which is crazy. I got the style above made as sunglasses and they are the absolute best lenses I’ve ever had for driving.

Oh, and the site says you can send any old frames that you no longer use back to them and they’ll make sure they get to people that need them.

So you’re basically a saint if you shop there.