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A cute little guy to spruce up your kitchen! A while ago I bought a duck timer. I named him squeaky, but he broke. Now whenever my mom cooks, we need to use that horrible, dirty old timer. I am trying to convince her to get this cute little chicken. He is a fun edition to your kitchen (hey! I made a rhyme). If I get that chicken, I think I will name him Clucky.

Get yours here at Fred Flare!


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  1. In my home town (dunedin, New Zealand) we have these things called Happy Hens that have become a kitch, sort of collectable item. They are all hand made and totally adorable lined up along the kitchen shelf.
    This reminded me very much of them. People take heaps of them home all over the world these days! I love them.

  2. I bought one of these for $10 at a really cool shop in Austin. It didn’t work, but it was so cute it took me a long time to throw it away. When I finally did, my 3-year-old twins noticed it sitting in the garbage and pulled it out–covered in coffee grounds & all. I had to throw it away for real a few days later after their bedtime.

  3. I have this!! It’s the best!!!

  4. Now that is funny

  5. chickens are girls, roosters are boys! very cute.