Item Of The Day: Cheerwine

I am currently on vacation in South Carolina, which is home to all sorts of wonderful things: pecan pie, barbecue, Piggly Wiggly (it’s a grocery store) and friendly people with charming accents.

It is also home to my new favorite beverage:  Cheerwine. Contrary to what it’s name might suggest, it’s not an alcoholic beverage, but rather, an even more delicious version of cherry Coke.  It is the ideal refreshment after spending a few hours soaking up the sun.  As a bonus, it comes in regular and diet.

If you don’t live in the south and aren’t planning a visit anytime soon, you’re in luck as you can order it online here.

  • Chris Martinez

    haha My sis loves this stuff. I wanna try it. :)

  • Dina Kay

    oh yes! in north carolina i grew up on this stuff. it’s amazing! i found it at a tiny grocery store here in san francisco once (where i live now) and it made my week. i feel happy just thinking about it!

  • Dina Kay

    oh and PS: that link to “barbecue” is not at all the same thing. in the south, barbecue is a noun that means “pork meat marinated and slow cooked for hours and served with hush puppies.” everywhere else, barbecue is a verb, it means “to cook something on a grill.” (in the south, people would say “cookout”). PPS: please do not let yourself leave the south without trying hush puppies! best served with barbecue and cheerwine.

  • Alicia Chavez

    Cheerwine is the BEST!!! There’s a shop in Phoenix, where I live, that sells it!

  • Jamie Renee K

    i grew up in NC too and in some places you can find cheerwine slushies, which is like cheerwine to the fourth power!

  • Elizabeth Wren

    I love this ode to my favorite thing but I want the world to know it’s from North Carolina, not South Carolina. Glad you like it!

  • Gricel Dominguez

    Tried it for the first time when I was in NC this summer… loved it! Luckily, a few local groceries stock it in Miami :)

  • Jen Brett

    nc is the home of cheerwine, not sc, but glad you’re enjoying it :)

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