Item of the Day: Catbird

I wish I could take credit for discovering this Brooklyn-based emporium of coolness, but I was introduced to Catbird by style blogger (and my most stylish friend) Maria MacNamara. I was lucky enough to visit their charming brick-and-mortar store, but their online shop is just as sweet. Whether you’re looking for unique baubles, beauty products or baby gifts, Catbird has something special. You can also get to know the staff and get the latest scoop on NYC style by reading their blog.

  • Maria MacNamara

    If I could live in a store, I’d move into Catbird tomorrow. And happily wear everything in there.

    Thank you so much for the mention! Absolutely love your posts for HelloGiggles. :)

  • Melanie Schmitz

    I’m so glad you posted this! I absolutely love fashion and finding a new shop or designer is always an adventure in and of itself. :)

  • Marylue Guillory

    This post brings me so much joy!! I have been gushing about Catbird for the past few months to all my friends and they have not been nearly as excited as me about the find. Thank you for justifying my obsession!

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