ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Capri Sun Big PouchMolly McAleer

Everyone knows that the only bad thing about a Capri Sun juice pouch is that there’s never enough Capri Sun. The pouches have always been so small that it’s like, five sips and you’re done. And that is not enough sips for an adult.

BUT! The geniuses over at the Capri Sun factory finally came out with a big pouch. It’s like twenty sips now, which is an adequate amount of sips. And there’s no straw that’s hard to poke in, either. It’s got a twist top like it’s a sports drink. I would advise drinking water while exercising, but I am not a nutritionist or doctor.


  • Daniel Bremmer

    The last thing we need is yet another kind of novel yet unrecyclable package. If you’re adult enough to be paid to design something, then you should be adult enough to consider what happens to it after the customer uses it. In this case, we’re talking about maybe 15 minutes of juice for a lifetime polluting the ocean.

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