Item of the Day: Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn

For a long time now, I’ve been adding Chocolate Buttons to my (salted) popcorn in the cinema. Something about the mix of sweet, sweet chocolate and salty popcorn goodness is divine. But I don’t like toffee popcorn, which is why I was a little dubious about trying the new Cadbury Dairy Milk toffee popcorn.

It. Is. Delightful. A chocolate bar with inbuilt popcorn – that tastes like my own cinema concoction of old. You can’t really tell it’s toffee – it just tastes like popcorn and Cadbury chocolate. It would be perfection if only they could think up a catchier name. Available from all good supermarkets, newsagents and I’m really sorry if it’s hard to get outside of the UK!

Next up from me…an IOTD to help burn off all the chocolate-popcorn-related calories…!

  • Allyson Kate Mcardle

    I think Cadbury is only in the UK and Australia. I wish they would make a delicious chocolate that’s gluten free and lactose free. I miss chocolate and the ones I can eat taste like poo :c
    I’m sure Cadbury could make a really good tasting one!

  • Tara Whitney

    We have Cadbury in Canada but don’t know if they have this one there right now! I’m currently in the UK and absolutely going to take advantage of this, just incase.

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