Item of the Day – Button Checkers

I really love checkers, and have always been content to play with the standard red and black board with the plastic pieces that I swear could cameo in a game of connect four and no one would even notice. Sometimes, if need be, I would just go old school and use a chess set, playing only with the pawns. So this button checkers set is a pretty amazing and lovely way to infuse some color into the game!

The flowered border just makes me HAPPY. Not only are the colors fun (and match the border, well played) but the pieces are big buttons! I love big buttons. Ask anyone. Best of all, the board is actually made of cloth, so it’s more sustainable and environmentally friendly than plastic. Also, it’s more classy. I feel like this would also make a good wall decoration. Maybe you can hang it up, keep the pieces in a cute little tin nearby, and take it down when you have friends over! You can grab one over at House 8810.