ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Bake It In A Cupcake Cookbook AND Giveaway!Chrissa Hardy

Cupcakes. I love ‘em. In fact, I’ve already eaten three today. Okay, not super proud of that. But seriously guys, there are very few things on the planet that are better than cupcakes, am I right? Now, try to imagine a cookbook that offers fun recipes for unexpected ingredients to be added in the warm little tummy of a cupcake. To name a few: swiss cheese and chives, chocolate covered pretzels, cheese cake and pumpkin pie INSIDE OF A CUPCAKE. Hang on, let me get you a tissue for that drool. Sounds amazing right?

The incredibly talented and creative, Megan Seling, is the author of  Bake It in a Cupcake: 50 Treats with a Surprise InsideMegan is a writer and baking enthusiast. In the winter of 2005, Megan accepted a friend’s dare and attempted to bake all 116 cookie recipes in Martha Stewart’s Holiday Cookies magazine. Megan made 80 batches of cookies that winter, and the project sparked a sincere interest in baking. She’s also the founder of the popular blog

This book offers a variety of irresistible recipes including Lemon Bar Vanilla Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Frosting, Cherry Pie Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting, Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Brownie Bites with Salted Caramel Frosting, and Egg-Filled Croissant Cups with Swiss Cheese and Chives. My stomach is growling so obnoxiously that I can barely concentrate on writing this!

To celebrate the recent release of this fabulous cookbook, we’ve teamed up with Megan for a giveaway! To enter, put on your creative caps and answer this: What would you bake into a cupcake? It could be anything! (Has to be food, obviously.) But use your imagination! Leave your answers in the comment section below. Megan will hand-pick a winner, create a recipe around the winning suggestion, and send the winner a copy of the recipe and her new cookbook!

The winner will be chosen and alerted via email on Thursday, November 29th. Must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada to enter.

Good luck, gigglers (and fellow cupcake-enthusiasts)!!


  • Bobbi Jean Garcia

    I love peanut butter, so a cupcake with a sweet pb&j center would be so delicious! Or…a cupcake with a m&m cookie/cookie dough kind of center would be very interesting and yummy too! :)

  • Ali Jackson Popp

    I think a dirty chai cupcake would be amazing! Chai spiced cupcake with a chocolate/espresso center and topped with a spiced cream cheese frosting, with a craison or choc. covered espresso bean topper.

  • Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg

    I would put a cadburry egg inside a cupcake… it’d have to be a giant cupcake, chocolate or vanilla might work best, but a light cake to help balance the richness of the egg. As for frosting, probably just a simple chocolate to not overwhelm, maybe even crush some cadburry mini eggs for garnish on top! YUM.

  • Dawn Smith Brown

    Have you seen those donuts with bacon? Yes those little nasties are sooo delish~ How about a maple cake, syrup filling and a cream cheese with bacon topping. YUMMY~

  • Carrie Choquette Schadler

    gummy bears or trix cereal inside a cupcake would be interesting to try out…

  • Amelia Garripoli

    My favorite cupcake adding are ham and cheese. With cheese on top. Yum!

  • Theresa Howell

    Brie in a ginger cake with cranberry frosting. Or gingerbread cookie in an eggnog cupcake with rum frosting :)

  • Janean Boydston-Simpson

    A Pancake muffin with Bacon and eggs in the middle :)

  • Leah Leone

    I’m feeling decadent right now, so a chocolate cupcake with a dark chocolate truffle inside, topped with chocolate whipped cream. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! A chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter also would be pretty fantastic.

  • Susie Lang

    I have some cute little chocolate covered cookie dough balls that I can’t wait to try in a cupcake!

  • Lori Stilger

    I’d LOVE something like a coconut cheesecake filling in a true chocolate-tasting cupcake, maybe with a pineapple rum frosting. Heavens, now I’ve inspired myself! LOL! Thank you so much for the generous giveaway!!!

  • Sandy Friebertshauser-Long

    A caramel apple cupcake. The cupcake would be a spiced cake mix, with chopped apples, an apple pie filling, and frosted with a caramel glaze.

  • Lisa Marie

    if i could bake anything into a cupcake it would be white chocolate raspberry cheesecake surrounded by a dark chocolate cupcake. i love cheesecake, especially that kind and i usually make it with a chocolate cookie crust. perfect, heavenly combo.

  • Amy Goldstein

    How about one of those chocolate covered peppermint JoJos from Trader Joe’s in a chocolate cupcake with peppermint buttercream. YUM.

  • Mary Stephens

    A Hershey Kiss in the center of a White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake with Chocolate Marshmallow icing :)

  • Elizabeth Lopez

    What about a camembert filling inside of a chipotle and honey cupcake? That would be my choice!

  • Niamh Burke Neff

    Last week I made a dark chocolate and physalis red velvet cupcake with a vanilla white choc truffle in the centre with chocolate frosting and a whole caped physalis fruit on top to decorate. Looked and tasted divine.

  • Dorothy Malkin

    Has to be root beer candies inside with a cream cheese icing with root beer flavour.amazing

  • Sierra Roberts

    What about a S’more style cupcake? Usually the marshmallow is the icing, but I think that a surprise marshmallow in the middle would be much better! Also, with graham crackers as the base and the cupcake would be chocolate of course :)

  • Tracy Montauk

    I’m on a big almond paste kick! So either maybe almond paste or some sort of s
    sweetened ricotta with honey and pistachios.

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