Item of the Day: Baby Happy Cute Bird Crochet Kit

Cheryl Cambras' Crochet Birds

Cheryl Cambras is one of my favorite crochet artists in Los Angeles and she is sharing her tricks with you!  Get this crochet kit on Etsy and make your own little chickadees using this amigurumi birds pattern designed by Cambras.  Fill the birds with lavendar buds or sprinkle essential oils on the yarn and you’ve got an air freshener for your car!  Or, fill the birds with bells and rice and you’ve got a maraca!  (You never know when you need a musical instrument).

The kit comes with:

*yarn (85%wool & 15% mohair)
*crochet hook
*stitch marker
*yarn needle

For some free crochet patterns, check them out HERE!  And just so you know, Cambras makes giant chickadees too!  I’m so in love!

Cheryl Cambras and her Giant Crochet Chickadee!

For your chickadee crochet kit, find it on Cheryl Cambras’ Etsy page!

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