Item of the Day: Action Movie Freak

Action Movie Freak by the awesome Katrina Hill (aka @actionflickchick) is a great, totally readable and fun, compendium of action movie knowledge. If you loved Speed, can quote Die Hard with the best of them, and have a deep appreciation for Dirty Harry, this is the book to revisit your favorites and maybe find some new flicks to check out.

Someone on your holiday gift-buying list needs this. Or maybe you need it.

I grew up with brothers. And yes, they were more of the book-reading, Star Wars-watching variety than the karate-chopping variety, but there was still a big part of my education that they oversaw with gusto: movies, TV, music and anything pop culture.

In fact, one of my earliest memories is being on vacation in Toronto with them and getting in trouble with our parents for pay-per-viewing Die Hard while they were out at dinner. I was seven. It was probably a bit on the violent side for my tender sensibilities.

Then again, so was leaving me at the mercy of my two older brothers who were babysitting me that day. My parents should have known we’d get into some kind of trouble.

I might give my copy of this to my oldest brother for Christmas this year. Maybe. We’ll see. I might just keep it for myself and stun everyone over the holiday dinner table with my trivia knowledge. That’s what we do.