Item of the Day: Acme's Stripey Straws

There’s a part of me that has always wanted to be a girl out of a clothing catalog, who wears a pale pink ruffled dress with a floppy hat while sipping from a straw out of a mason jar on a swing in the countryside. And while I’m still working on finding a pasture that I can freely while away the day at, I have my straw situation covered.

Acme’s stripey straws make sipping on just about anything feel downright dandy. Whether it’s an actual mason jar (or a set of sippers, also offered by Acme) to a can of Coca-Cola, they’re pretty as a picture and come in a variety of colors with 24 to a pack for $6, perfect for any time of the season!

And yes, to answer the burning question you all have on your minds, these straws are not only recyclable but also super retro and look great if you Instagram a photo of one. Not that I did that immediately the moment I got them or anything…

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