ITEM OF THE DAYItem of the Day: Abuelita Mexican Hot ChocolateMary Dacuma

Depending on where you are you may be feeling the first evening chills of Autumn. I like to celebrate the incoming cold weather with a creamy, steamy cup of hot cocoa. No, not that powdered packet stuff. Those dried marshmallows never hold up in hot water, anyway. When the leaves start getting crispy I want some Abuelita Hot Chocolate.

Abuelita Hot Chocolate is a traditional Mexican drinking chocolate that has a distinct, rich flavor that you can’t get from the powdered stuff. The box contains a few wheels of solid hot cocoa that can be broken into individual tablets. All you have to do is drop the tablets into boiling milk, continue steaming to melt the chocolate and whisk to frothy perfection. It’s the hot chocolate my Grandma would make me if my Grandma were Mexican.

For extra authenticity, you can finish off your hot cocoa with cinnamon or chili powder a la Chocolat. For extra fun, add a shot of Bailey’s or Kahlua.

Abuelita Hot Chocolate can be found in the coffee/tea/cocoa section of your local grocery store. Then again, in Los Angeles, Mexican food is readily available everywhere. So if you can’t find it, check online. They cost about the same as your standard box of hot cocoa and one box lasts for months.

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  1. Omg, It was about time!! <3 You guys should also try Popular. It is a fabulous tasting Mexican Hot Cocoa. :)

  2. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I grew up on this stuff and Nestle/Swiss Miss hot cocoa packets….I prefer this, especially on Christmas Eve with Mint Chocolate Bailey’s. :o)

  3. A classic, indeed! :)

  4. Big part of my childhood.

  5. That thing is delicious , I do eat it with a bolillo too , I always drink it on january with the traditional bread from the Wise Men day

  6. This thing is perfect! Especially on those cold rainy days

  7. This stuff is too good! I always dip with some bolillo (bread roll) or a Mexican pastry, such as a concha pastry. Yummmmm!

  8. I recommend throwing in a cinnamon stick to simmer with the milk. yummmmmm

  9. A powder version also exist, in México at least, I love it.