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How much do you spend on soda and other fizzy drinks each year? Personally, I am afraid to do that math.

The SodaStream is an at-home soda making machine and while it’s kind of pricey, I’m pretty sure you’d still be saving a pretty penny. And look, I found one that’s on sale. I love sales.

  • Elizabeth Siegel

    Every family that I’ve ever babysat for that keeps Kosher has one of these but never flavors their soda… they just drink “bubbly water.”

  • Laura K. Hattaway

    I drink a LOT of diet soda (minimum of two liters per day, usually), and the only plus I can see here is that I’d have the convenience of in -home fountain drinks. The price is about the same or even a little bit more, when you consider Sonic’s Happy Hour, that most gas stations have an $.89 for all drinks sale at some point, etc. I never pay more than $1 for a two-liter. Way too cheap for that.

  • Jerusha Smith

    Does anyone know what their version of Diet Coke tastes like? I am have been looking at this for awhile, but don’t want to spend the bucks if I don’t like the taste.

  • Tyler Vendetti

    FINALLY!!! This was the best investment I ever made. Thankfully someone agrees.

  • Beth D

    I have a different brand, but got mine years ago – best investment ever made.

  • Carly Lane

    My mom has this and loves it. She makes her seltzer this way all the time!

  • Samantha Ritchie

    I drink a ridiculous amount of Seltzer water. I really need to get one of these.

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