Item of the Day

I’ve worn sneakers twice in the past year in favor of the generally cuter ballet flat, but I gasped out loud when I blindly stumbled upon these Cliff Huxtable Sweater Nike High Tops.

I am so afraid that this is a much too wonderful dream and I will soon wake up to a world where you can’t buy Bill Cosby inspired sneakers.

You can purchase this shoe-perb creation here. I’m a woman’s size 9/men’s size 7, if you want to buy me a pair. You know, since your credit card is already out. I mean, why make two people reach for their wallet when we can just put it on one card? What if I told you that my two legged dog needs them? He’s so sad, ever since the accident that took his back legs. You should cheer him up. You’re not going to believe this, but  he’s also a woman’s size 9.