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Ya know how we are all getting cancer from everything that brings us convenience or joy in our lives? Oh, excuse me for being bold and honest first thing in the morning but I’m keeping it real and trying to drop some knowledge on you. Well, since none of us are willing to put a radiation blocker pad under our mattress or stop microwaving frozen burritos, we have to find a good compromise. A middle ground. Something eye catching, and traffic stopping. Something that makes people wonder if we are displaying the highest form of fashion or if we are just embarrassing ourselves. Riding that line is where you want to be. So for $30, you can fashionably keep the alleged “radiation” away. Wonder what they will come up with for “Global Warming”.

Get the Pop Phone HERE!


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  1. Skype can be used on the phones at home, but it is also harmful.

  2. Anyway, we need to think about our soul more.

  3. Actually, radiation will be higher with this maybe. Alyssa Milano doesn’t use Iphone for calling, only for internet and texts, she uses only landlines. Notebooks are also bad for men. Text instead of call. Big issue for business people. Skype is no radiation I guess or it is it is the same?

  4. Item of a day is that girl sitting like a Buddha? I want to buy, how much?

  5. I have one of these in pink and suggested hello giggles did it for an item of the day. i think there awsome!

    Scarlett Curtis | 9/28/2011 10:09 am
  6. The other day I got a pedicure and the lady sitting next to me pulled one of these out… adorable.


  8. I Love this! I wish they had a full phone base, that way when I’m at home I could plug my cell into it and have a home phone basically, you know like the good old days :)

  9. tHAT IS COOOL !!!!!! I want to give to my little sister ….. thanks from spain !!!!!!!!!

  10. Yay!! They’ve got you writing other things now. You’ve done a great job on that SGG, and I love reading it, but I felt you were wasted being restricted like that. You deserve more range, Erin. You crack me up.
    All the best :)

  11. So we’re back to litterally being ‘on the phone’ again…

  12. Like it ;)