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What’s better than a picture taken with your iPhone? A picture taken with your iPhone that screams cuteness! Cutie Cute Cute is an app in the iPhone Store that lets you adorn your favorite shot of you and the girls with everything from fun sayings, wigs and mustaches, to cute animals. The app is free and includes several “packs” of assets. You get a sampling of each pack and can purchase the entire pack for 99 cents.

There’s a baby pack for your baby shower photos and even a pack to let you add a huge piece of candy corn to the middle of your picture – which is pretty essential. For me, it spices up the millions of pictures of my cats I don’t know what to do with (see above.) I should disclose that my boyfriend’s company makes the app. But it was just too cute not to share with the hellogiggles crew.

You can find the app here. I think an Android version might be coming out soon as well.

Photo courtesy of the author.


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  1. I really do love my fat cat. I approve!

  2. there is a similar android app called picsay and i love it. so much fun!!

  3. Downloading. Now

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