Item of the Day

The folks over at Vintage Vinyl Journals are basically masterminds.  They’ve managed to fuse two of my favorite things in the world – music and writing – into the product of my wildest dreams: a journal made out of old vinyl.  Can you say perfection?

Here’s the deal: each journal is handcrafted with the original album artwork, so the fronts and backs of the journals are one-hundred-percent authentic vinyl.  The inside contains fresh, unlined paper which you can grace with your writing or your sketches or your fancy math problems or whatever you so please.

But the best part is that you can choose from an extensive selection of bands/artists and records.  They design journals out of everything from Beatles records to ABBA records, and you can even request a custom made journal if you don’t see your favorite artist in the mix.

For today only, all journals are $5 off for HelloGiggles readers.  Get one here!

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