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Sophia just told me about this Hello Kitty Sephora line and I am so excited! I am really awful at makeup. Like, I just don’t understand how to use it. But I am committed to buying all of these items because the packaging is so cute!

This one was my favorite. The ‘Graffiti Rollergirl’. It’s a Hello Kitty rollerball fragrance that is supposed to be the Hello Kitty signature scent. I don’t even know what that smells like, but I know that it’s what I want to smell like. Go check out all of their stuff!

Image via Sephora


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  1. when i took a whiff of the bottle i thought it was so gross. it just seemed to smell like alcohol to me. and then they has 100 point perks at sephora, so i though, “what the hell,” and got a small bottle of the hello kitty perfume. after it was on my skin, the strong alcohol scent vanished. oh. my. god! when i wear this i cant stop sniffing myself! anyone who doesnt like the way it smells in the bottle has to try it on their skin!

  2. The Hello Kitty scent is amazing, if it’s the same one I have. It smells like candy and happiness.

  3. I also do not understand how to use make up. Does it come with instructions? because it ought to.